Full Name: Max Nyatome
Country of Birth: Kenya
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 4th January
Industry: Music
Speciality: Musician

Didge grew up listening his father soul records; Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Fadhili Williams and Miriam Makeba. His mum was in the choir and she taught him about harmonies as well as good music. Though grew up around music, he only started to take it seriously after high school. The smooth soul star first release was the 2003 hit “Kitangoma” that gave him undeniable entry into the music business. His style was so new in East Africa that he was quickly signed on by the then biggest recording house; Blue Zebra studios run by Ted Josiah a perfect atmosphere for a musician to develop and build his career. In 2004 he released yet another hit “Tingisha” and afterward his debut album, Vintage Swahili whose first single was the massively popular “Saa Zingine”. His other singles include “Heaven and Hell”, “Kelele Zako” and “Long Distancing”. Didge is currently working with producers Dillie, Alex Big Soul, Kanyeria, Ulopa, J Blessing and DJ Deckstar.